Power Automate: Send Teams Meeting Dial-In Info Via Twilio SMS

Recently, I was asked to automate our crisis alert workflow. When a crisis alert is initiated, each team member should be notified to join a Teams Meeting to discuss what to do. This is currently a manual process and relies on each person being near their PC when an issue occurs. A crisis alert can happen at any period of the day, and we can't rely on people to be near their PC.

I was asked if there was any way I could automate the workflow and make it more efficient. Additionally, we needed to reach people away from their PC.

I created a Flow in Power Automate to do the following:

1) The current process is triggered from a an email marked 'important' to a shared inbox. I used that as the trigger for my Flow.

2) Send a Teams message to each member of the 'Crisis Management Team' within Teams. I can use Azure AD to grab each team member of that team.

3)  Create a table within an Excel document that contains each team members name and mobile number. The Twilio, 'Send SMS Message,' action can only send a text message to one person at a time. I used the 'apply to each' condition to loop through each person in the table and send a message each time through the loop.

4) The text message includes a link to join the Teams Meeting using the Teams Mobile App OR dial-in to the meeting with a link that would dial the entire conference number, id, and a '#' to join the meeting.

I was having an issue accomplishing item four above. That's when I decided to parse the json of the Teams Meeting I created. I noticed there was a 'Quick Dial,' property that contained the dial-in number, conference id, and '#' in a html link (ex: +15556789012,,1801309301#). The person receiving the text could click the 'Join Url' to join via the Teams App or the 'Quick Dial' to dial into the conference automatically.

Here's the piece I added right after I create the Teams Meeting:

Lastly, I embedded the 'Join Url' and 'Quick Dial' into the text message:

I was able to test this and everything works with one exception - the 'Quick Dial' link does not seem to work correctly using the default Android SMS app. I believe this is a limitation of the SMS App and not Android as the 'Join Url' works fine. I'll need to test a few different SMS apps to see if they work. 

Here is the finished Flow: