Teams Saved Messages with Retention Policies


I'm the member of a project team deploying retention policies in Teams. A colleague asked what happens to saved messages when a retention policy is applied. I didn't know offhand, so I added this to our list of test cases.

The saved message feature in Teams is something I use quite a bit. It's super helpful when someone sends you a link or a message that you'll need to refer back to in the future. Teams organizes saved messages into a list that can be easily referred back to later.

I have a test user account with a one-day retention policy set. I sent a few 1:1 messages from that account to a colleague on my team and saved a few of their replies:

After saving the messages, I waited 24 hours to verify what happened after the retention policy applied. Here's a screenshot of the Teams client for test user account:

The saved messages still appeared underneath the 'Saved' window pane on the left, but the message content in the right window pane was removed. I verified this is the same behavior for channel messages, private channel messages, and meeting messages.