Passing the Azure Fundamentals (AZ900) Exam


I was able to take (and pass) my AZ900 Exam today. I wanted to share a few things I used to study in hopes that it may help some others.

I have some Azure experience, but not much. For my other certification exams, I already had some familiarity with the content before going into the test. I decided to take a one day cert prep class offered by The instructors, Mike Pfeiffer and Tim Warner, are Microsoft MVPs and did an excellent job breaking down all the material. The class was from 9am-3pm and is recorded so you can refer back to it later when studying. In addition, a subscription to WhizLabs was included in the cost of the class. I had never used WhizLabs, but after using it extensively for practice questions, I highly recommend it.

My exam was 31 questions and I was given 90 mins to complete it. I found the questions to be pretty straightforward. I finished in 15 mins and scored a 861. The practice exams from WhizLabs don't mirror the questions on the exam word for word, but they touch on all the content you should know.

Best of luck to those who take this exam!